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The Sylmasta Pipe Repair Roadshow 2020
The Sylmasta Roadshow is taking pipe repair technology into companies around the United Kingdom
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Sylmasta are hitting the road in 2020 with our first ever nationwide Pipe Repair Roadshow taking our composite repair technology into companies the length and breadth of Britain.

Burst and leaking pipes are problems which afflict a wide range of sectors. The roadshow aims to introduce cost-effective pipe repair solutions to water companies, waste treatment works, pumping stations, power stations, quarry wash plants, petrochemical plants, tradesmen and any other industries who deal with pipelines.

Those working around pipework know how easy it is to drill through a pipe or damage a buried pipe during excavation. When accidents happen, repairs can be costly, time consuming and, depending upon the severity of the leak and the fallout from it, potentially embarrassing.

Sylmasta technology helps resolve such problems, whether a leak be caused by damage, corrosion or fatigue. Our solutions are quick and easy to use, allowing for permanent pipe repairs to be made inside of 30 minutes, with no formal training required.

Each stop on the Pipe Repair Roadshow is given a live demonstration of how Sylmasta composite repair solutions work and a question and answer session from our industry-leading technicians.

The demonstration is carried out using our mobile test rig, which is quickly set up onsite. The rig exhibits how SylWrap Pipe Repair products are effective at stopping live leaks on pipes of varying diameters and with different damage types.

Demonstrations are carried out using the products available in the SylWrap Pipe Repair Contractor Case. Each case contains enough equipment to carry out up to six live-leak repairs, making it ideal for regular users.

The Contractor Case has been designed so that it can be easily stored on site at plants and facilities which contain pipework or on the vans of contractors who may be required to carry out a sudden and unexpected repair.

The technology will become increasingly valuable to water companies in particular over the coming years. As part of Ofwat’s PR19 review into the industry, the water regulator has said that leaks must be cut by 16% by 2025 – a reduction which would save enough water to meet the needs of everyone in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield. At Sylmasta, we have a ready-made solution.

Our pipe repair technology isn’t just suitable for water companies. For examples of where we have already supplied solutions to a variety of clients across a range of different industries, then please see the Case Studies section of our website.

And to find out how the technology can help your company repair leaks, save money and reduce water waste in 2020, then please contact us – we will be pleased to arrange a visit as part of the Sylmasta Pipe Repair Roadshow 2020.

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